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Many adults suffer cosmetic imperfections on the teeth in their smile. This might come in the form of chips, stains, or mismatched fillings. Here at Houston smiledocs, your dentists, Drs. Farmer and Farmer, are well versed in a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments to give you the winning smile you deserve.

One of the more popular options for restoring your smile is to have your teeth fitted for custom-made porcelain dental veneers. It often requires two separate appointments for your dentists to fit your smile with porcelain dental veneers.

Dental veneers in Houston, Texas, are basically thin, porcelain shells that are custom made in a dental lab to fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile. The porcelain material is shaded to look just like natural teeth.

Your dentists will perform a thorough examination of the teeth in your smile to make sure that each one has sufficient enamel to securely mount a veneer. Should one or two of your teeth lack sufficient enamel to mount a veneer, your dentists might recommend having your teeth restored by a porcelain dental crown.

Next, your dentists will simply remove a small amount of enamel from the face of each tooth to prepare the surface. Then, they will cast a detailed impression of each tooth in your smile. This will be sent to our state-of-the-art dental lab where your porcelain veneers will be custom made.

Our team will call you back in for a second appointment once the lab technician has completed the veneers. To install the veneers, your dentists will carefully cement them into place.

If your smile is suffering from multiple cosmetic imperfections, you should call 713.784.6855 to set up a dental veneer consultation at Houston smiledocs.