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If dental anxiety is keeping you from getting the regular dental care you need to have excellent oral health, you are not alone. Many patients become anxious about sitting in a dental chair and often put off necessary treatment for fear that it might be painful. But over time this anxiety can cause dental health issues to worsen and could leave you battling the effects of tooth decay or gum disease.

Today our team at Houston smiledocs in Houston, Texas, would like to share some ideas for you on how to get the dental care you deserve by helping you overcome dental anxiety. 

First, please don’t hesitate to tell our staff about your fears. We have helped so many patients have a positive experience at the dentist and would like to add you to this group! We can discuss ways to help you feel comfortable, including using dental sedation methods that are proven to be effective.

The first thing to do if you struggle with dental anxiety is to make sure you tell someone. By opening up about your anxiety, our dental team can be better prepared to help you with the situation. Our dentists want to do everything we can to help you enjoy your time with us to build a healthy smile. 

In addition to sedation, we encourage our patients to do what you can to keep your mind focused on pleasant things. Some patients wear headphones and listen to music or watch movies on their phone. And taking calm deep breaths have helped many of our patients feel better during procedures.

Be sure to maintain your healthy smile by getting the dental treatment you deserve. To speak with a member of our team, please call 713.784.6855 and let us help you with your concerns. Dr. Randy L. Farmer and Dr. Isabelle M. Farmer are always happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find the sedation method that best suits your needs.